The Origin of All Diseases SEAC a Wounded Brain

Antonio Nicolau Fernández

Is your health your own?

You don't have to resign yourself to losing your quality of life.

If you have this book in your hands, you may not want to resign yourself to live chained to the loss of quality of life caused by a chronic problem or a disease classified as incurable. You have not obtained satisfactory results so far? Very well and now what are you going to do? Many people resign themselves to living in the redoubt of suffering without being able to rise above the walls of this gloomy and dismal enclosure forged with the imposed barriers of “nothing more can be done”. In short, in a more technical, direct or impersonal way, this is what they have told you when they do not find effective solutions.
This defeatist thinking is totally repulsive to me. Personally, I prefer to fight, I am a bit of a rebel against a system that does not give me answers, besides being offended if I look for them on my own. Other paths can be found, such as those that provide non-invasive solutions, respectful of one’s own organic physiology.
If you think the same, wake up, you can always go a little further. Otherwise, athletes would not break any records and climbers would not conquer higher peaks, just like other sick people who have achieved it, why not you?

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